This page is dedicated to Johnny Macia, a Berlin Airlift Douglas C-54 Flight Engineer, who passed away shortly after the reunion.  He is the man in the black jacket in the first and other photos on this page.

Ed Ide, the Berlin Airlift reunion coordinator, brought seven different groups of veterans out to the museum over the course of the reunion.  Ed is in the orange shirt in a number of the photos.

Tim Chopp, the President of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, flew in the Airlift veteran Douglas C-54 to Sundance Airport for the reunion.  Tim and most of his crew made at least one visit to the museum during their stay.  Jerry Hunter, owner of Sundance Airport, put on an incredible free lunch for all reunion attendees at the airport.  

Tim was pleased to see the progress on one of the Boeing C-97 QECs he donated to my museum plus he brought even more free parts with him!