cimarron field cadet james thrasher, class 44-E

On June 3, 2015, Cimarron Field Aviation Cadet (Class 44-E) James Thrasher visited from DuPont, WA.   He brought along with him his wonderful family including son Jim (red shirt), Jim's wife Wanda, both of Wichita, KS, grandson Kalon (blue cap) from OKC, and son Martin (patterned shirt) and grandson Peter (blue shirt with "C"), both from Colorado.  We had a great time looking through Mr. Thrasher's Cimarron Field cadet class book and hearing his stories.   The next day I had the great privilege of flying Mr. Thrasher in my Fairchild PT-26!   The Thrasher family has visited three times now with various members.   I hope they come back very soon!