Scott Sarver is a major contributor to my museum and is a scanner on the flight crew of the B-29 Superfortress, "DOC".  He spent the better part of a day in Wichita with me looking through parts to help complete my B-29 QEC display.  

I first met Scott when he did an excellent presentation in OKC on "DOC's" restoration.  "DOC" is, of course, one of only two flyable B-29s in the world.  The next day, he and his wife Renee toured my museum and liked the multitude of B-29 exhibits.   I soon visited their facilities in Wichita and with Scott found a lot of badly needed parts.  He had done a considerable amount of work digging parts out even before I got there.  Scott helped me to harvest an engine mounting piece as well.  After he introduced me to Crew Chief Ken Newell, Ken and I worked out an appropriate donation for the parts.   Another "DOC" flight crew member, Flight Engineer Don Obreiter, has also visited my museum.